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Does Losing Weight Increase Size? Why It Happens and What You Should Do

Does losing weight increase size? Can you lose weight and not inches? If you’ve noticed that you’re losing inches not weight even while following a diet and fitness regime, consider this. Daily weigh-ins (1) and not knowing how to properly weigh yourself (2) are two reasons why you may wonder if it is possible to lose inches and not weight. 

There are a host of reasons why you may face this situation. Here is why it happens and what you should do about it.

Can You Lose Inches But Not Weight? Yes It’s Possible

Can you lose inches and not weight? Yes. It happens frequently and it’s not always obvious how it starts. You may even gain weight. 

But first, understand how can you lose inches and not weight. Namely, the body changes that occur when it happens. Here is what you should know when it comes to whether it possible to lose inches and not weight. Start to break free of it, asap. 

The top reason why you are losing size but not weight are the following: 

  • Weight loss plateau. A weight loss plateau is when you are losing size but not weight. A weight loss plateau can be triggered by a number of factors. Diet and calorie intake are common triggers.
  • Increased bone density. Increased bone density as a result of your workouts can appear on the scale as losing inches not pounds. Ignore it and focus on your training goals for best results. 
  • Post-workout training Inflammation. If you workout frequently or have just started your weight loss plan, you may experience training inflammation. This inflammation from muscle damage repair may appear in your body as losing inches not weight. (3)
  • Water retention. Water retention occurs as a result of bodily changes, medications, and other conditions. Thus, leading to how can you lose inches but not weight. 
  • Inconsistencies or inaccuracies in measuring your weight. You need to weigh yourself consistently, with accurate tools. Furthermore, weekly or monthly weighing may be recommended in some cases over daily weigh-ins to identify weight loss over time. (4)
  • Menstrual cycle changes. Monthly menstrual cycle changes can contribute to changes in weight. (5) Water weight gain and bloating are common side effects of menstrual cycle changes. 

Im losing inches but not weight! Overall, do you lose inches before pounds in normal weight loss? There doesn’t have to be a problem with your body for this to occur. Sometimes, it’s normal and it just happens.

Losing Weight Increase Size Reversal Tips to Follow

However, it’s not what you expected and you want to do something about it. If you are losing size but not weight, follow these tips to get your weight loss goals back on track:

  1. Add strength training to your workout routine. Combined with a low-calorie diet, rich in protein, strength training improves the pace of body recomposition (6).
  2. Change the type of scale that you use. Use a scale that measures body fat (7), and set workout performance goals instead of weight goals. A body fat scale works by sending a weak electrical signal through the body in order to obtain measurements. (8) It gives deeper insights into your progress despite losing inches not pounds.
  3. Reduce your intake of high sodium foods. These foods may cause you to retain more water. This weight gain is commonly referred to as water weight. (9) Choose low-sodium or no-sodium options. Eat these foods less frequently.
  4. Medications and health conditions impact your weight. Some medications, such as those intended for lowering blood pressure, as well as, stress (10) can cause water weight gain.
  5. You can you lose inches and not weight without exercising. This situation happens often. If you want better results, pay attention to your diet and improve your nutrition with a compact solution like Satia.

Consult your doctor first before making changes. Discuss your current medications, workout routine and other lifestyle habits that may impact your weight and overall health. Then, follow these steps to get your weight loss back on track. 

Next Steps: Move Past Losing Inches But Not Weight, What You Should Do 

What should you do if you’re losing inches but not weight? That means it’s time to learn how to measure success in a healthier way

Build a healthier relationship with your weight by making sure to pay attention to overall body changes. Focus on your measurements to see if you can you still lose inches and not weight. If you’re still asking why am i losing inches but not weight, you’ll get there. 

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